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Importing orders into Commerce without impacting fees

Importing orders into Commerce without impacting fees

Hey all,


We have an ongoing integration between M2 Commerce (2.4.4) and merchant's ERP system. We have to import orders from the ERP and save them in M2.


The issue is that only part of the orders will be placed on the M2 Commerce, others will just "appear" (for simplicity sake) in the ERP and be sent to M2 Commerce where we also have to save them as well and display for the customers.


Now, the Commerce fees are based on website revenue. My assumption is that creating quote and placing an order from it will count towards the fee calculation based on the revenue?


Does anyone have more insights how the fees are exactly calculated? Or dealt with some order import extensions and knows how exactly they insert new order entries without impacting the website revenue? Commerce stance on the topic was that "importing" orders shouldn't impact the fees, but "import" =/= "placing an order" and M2 doesn't have native order import functionality.