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Indexer Issues

Indexer Issues

** I am not a developer, so please excuse me if I completely botch how I present this.


I have 2 instances of Magento 2.4.1.  One folder is production.  I installed a second copy in a different folder for testing extension, etc.  I did the same with 2.3, but never had the following issue:


I essentially import everything from prod to dev.  I discovered that when i did 'bin/magento indexer:reindex" in the folder that has the dev copy, I can see all products on that site.


The issue is that half the products on my production site are not showing up, or I get a message that there are no products.


When I go back to the prod folder and run the same command, everything again shows up here, but then the same issue of vanishing items now appears on the development site.


I am sure I must have done something because I did not have this issue in the past with multiple copies of Magento installed. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.