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Issue to access to admin panel

Issue to access to admin panel



I'm new using Magento, I've installed 2.0 version with sample data, I can connect to the localhost shop magento but not to the admin panel.

My user and password are correct but this error is displayed "You did not sign in correctly or your account is temporarily disabled."

I have this issue since 3 days, I've found some tips to resolve it like changing the password using MD5 or check if the admin is locked, changing the value in DB "failures_num=0 and lock_expires=NULL", editing the varien.php file (it doesn't exist in 2.0 version), the problem remains the same.

Anybody have an idea to resolve it please?



Re: Issue to access to admin panel

I've resolved it , I've followed this tutorial to add a new Admin , and then it helps me to editing my first admin user and could connect to dashboard, as the second one generate the error "You need more permissions to access this· so I didn't know how to resolved it.

For my first admin account I received a system message error , you could resolved it over there.