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Multiple Configuration, grouped product or related product?

Multiple Configuration, grouped product or related product?

Okay, here's my question. Let's say you have two pools - a pool of suits, and a pool of fabrics. The goal is to sell custom-made suits, so the customer can go in, select a suit style and then select the fabric he wants. Different fabrics have different prices, so a Super 120's wool may cost $70 per square meter, while a Super 180's can cost $400 per square meter. And of course, the customer would want to see a photo, or multiple photos of the fabric before making a selection.


But not all garments would have the same fabric selection. For instance, a dress for women would use fabrics made from silk.


It almost seems to me that the suit and the fabric should be two separate products, related somehow. I don't know if somehow this should be a configurable product (can you do photos in a configurable product) or a related product. Or a grouped product. Can anyone give me some feedback on what direction I should take? Keep in mind, I'm new to Magento... as in... just got it installed today. Lol. I'm using the Bencher theme, if that matters at all.


Re: Multiple Configuration, grouped product or related product?

Hey, welcome to Magento and sorry for slow response!


Configurable product should be suitable for what you need. Native Magento provides functionality where your main image can change based on selecting a variant (e.g. fabric). So in your case you'll have two configurable attributes of your configurable product - Suit Style and Fabric. 


Pricing as well will be fine as you can set specific pricing per simple product of a configurable. Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any help.



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