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Issues with loading and responsive elements on Porto theme

Issues with loading and responsive elements on Porto theme



We have used the Porto theme on  Magento 2.4 website but we are noticing the following issues, please can you advise us on where we are going wrong and how we can resolve these issues.


  1. Often (not always) when we load the website some elements fail to display.  In particular the icons at the top of the page.  Instead it just displays squares as show in the attached screenshot (squares).  We have seen this multiple times on iPad and desktop (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers).
  2. We notice when first opening the page test seems to be jumbled then 'jumps' into place
  3. When using desktop if I minimise the browser window to not full screen then the display doesn’t adjust correctly – leaving us with distorted images/logo etc.  Please see attached screenshot (distortion when minimised).  I see this issue on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
  4. When viewed in an Internet Explorer browser there are significant issues.  If I go to a product page the description text is scrambled and included text which should not even be on that page.  Once on the product page the page also becomes entirely unresponsive.  No matter where you click on the page (including menus and add to basket button) there is no response. Screenshot attached (text formatting internet explorer)
  5. Screen elements are juddering when scrolling on iPad.  For example if we go to a product page and scroll we see the green reviews icon on the right hand side skipping and juddering. 


Thanks, Rebecca