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Layered Navigation not working correctly

Layered Navigation not working correctly

I have my categories set to anchor yes and all I am seeing are my attributes i created and not the sub categories or price filter.  I have searched everywhere for an answer but I cannot figure this one out.  I have been working with Magento since 1.4 but in 2.0 my options seem to all be set correctly but it is not behaving properly it seems.


I have a category structure on a demo site "New Gear --> Wireless Mic & Instrument Systems"

Both are set to anchor yes.


I have 2 products associated to "Wireless Mic & Instrument Systems" category.

When i go to the "New Gear" category I see the single attribute called "Capsule" that i created and the 2 products within the sub category.

But where is the Categories or Price Filter attributes?  These would normally populate but I do not see anything.

Is anyone else having this issue?  I have reinstalled Magento 2.0 and still having the same behavior.  I have attached a screenshot.  Any help would be, of course, helpful.  Smiley Happy



Re: Layered Navigation not working correctly

I have the same situation. Displays only the attributes with the option "filterable no results". Price not displays.