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Magento 2.3.5 Tax not calculating


Magento 2.3.5 Tax not calculating

Please help..

I've installed Magento 2.3.5-p1

I've googled all the "How too's" & Tutorials on settingup Magento 2 Tax-rules , but i get no reaction from my shop. It does not calculate any tax price. Not even the wrong one.


My settings:



My location is The Netherlands. We only sell to Dutch (inside Netherlands)


Tax Zones & Rates:

I've defined all dutch tax rates, but only use 21% for our products. Because we only have Tax rate 21% products. 

In the Netherlands we only have 1 Tax-zone.


  • NL Hoog / Country = Netherlands / Rate=21%
  • NL Laag / Country = Netherlands / Rate = 6%
  • NL Vrij / Country = Netherlands / Rate = 0%



Tax Rules:

I have only 2 customer types

  • Particulier = standard consumer that needs to pay the Tax
  • Zakelijk (BTW-vrij) = B2B who doe not pay Tax

Also here, I defined all Tax Rules, but would use only 2.

  1. Tax rule "BTW Hoog voor particulieren" which is the 21% Tax for regular consumers
  2. Tax rule "BTW vrij Zakelijk" for businesses that do not pay Taxes. (0%) 



Store Configuration:

* Tax Classes:

Normally everything (Shipping & Product prices) would by high taxes (21%) 

The default customer is a regular tax paying customer "Particulier" 



* Calculation settings:

  Tax needs to be calculated over te end total, based on the billing address. 

  The product- & shipping prices are being entered without tax.


* Default Tax Destination & Price Display Settings

  The default destination is within the Netherlands.

  In the store, productprices need to be show With & Without Tax 

Default destination _ Display settings.jpg


* Shopping Cart Display Settings:


* Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos Display Settings:



* Fixed Product Taxes 

  Fixed Product Taxes have been disabled.


Product Configuration:

The Tax Class of the products have been set to "BTW Hoog" the high tax class of 21%


Front end product view:

In the webshop, the product price including & excluding tax stays the same. No matter what configuration or rate i setup.





In the shoppingcart, Taxes are not calculated.




Please advice me on what i'm doing wrong.


I've changed the store mode from "default" to "Developer".

Cleaned caches, Static data, reindexed all

You can find the images at:  


Re: Magento 2.3.5 Tax not calculating

My Magento 2.3.5-p1 store does not calculate tax either. What have you found as the resolution to this issue?