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Multi Store Multi email configration/setup

Multi Store Multi email configration/setup

How to configure the SMTP Multi Store Multi email configration/setup?


Dear Magento Experts,


We have designed a platform wherein we are having mulit store setup. I would like to configure the email as below , Could you please suggest me the steps:


1. Just consider we are having multiple store Example: S1, S2, to SN.

2. Whenever any new customer(store) registers they recevice an email from one email ID. Example:

3. Stores S1, S2, to SN are having customers S1 >C1,C2 to CN , S2>C1,C2 to CN and S3>C1,C2 to CN

4. As of now , Vendor's Email,  Customer's Email etc are trigerring from one email ID only i.e.

5. We would like to implement a solution wherein each stores Stores S1, S2, to SN can have their own email ID setup and also, their customer receives the email from their corresponding email ID only not from


Your valueble inputs are most welcome.


Re: Multi Store Multi email configration/setup

Hello @supportmep0439 


One question here. What is the customer account scop? Is it global of the website wise?

Re: Multi Store Multi email configration/setup

Please check this flow diagram which may give you more insight.Your support would be highly appreciated.

Flow Diagram