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Order and Order Status.

Order and Order Status.


In Magento 1 when someone places an order, so from Checkout they click 'Place Order' they are taken to PayPal payment page. 

At that point a new order appears in my 'Sales Order Admin' if there is no payment, so the customer just leaves from PayPal payment page, then order status is set to 'Pending' 


Is this possible with Magento 2?  


I can't work out if this is possible, I have tried a couple of times with PayPal Sandbox and unless i complete the payment process there is nothing in Order Admin


And if I use a different payment option like Fidelity, the order is there but with the "order Status' of 'Processing'


Sorry, this is actually a two-part question Smiley Happy 


Re: Order and Order Status.

Hello @rob_wood1,


I think you should try to contact the third-party payment platform(PayPal, Fidelity) which you are using. If you need any other help regarding this please be free to contact us.


Hope this will help you.

Re: Order and Order Status.


I have contacted PayPal and they confirmed that once a customer has clicked on 'Pay now/Order Now' button in checkout the order will appear in Order Admin as a pending order. 

Then once the payment has been confirmed via PayPal it will change to Processing. 


I can confirm that this is NOT the case... unless I have ticked the wrong box in my M2 setup!! 

This is the process in M1... but NOT as far as I can see in M2 


That is why I am asking, maybe I am wrong?  But you are right I need to speak to someone at PayPal that understands M2 and their own extension.

I have now tested Stripe and Fidelity and both have order posted to back end order admin as soon as 'Order Now/Pay now' button is clicked in checkout... We do not have to wait for payment to be completed as with PayPal.. 

Re: Order and Order Status.

Yes, it is possible to have orders show up in the Sales Order Admin with a "Pending" status if the customer does not complete the payment process on the PayPal payment page in Magento 2.

To do this, you need to ensure that the PayPal payment method is set up to authorize payments instead of capture payments. This can be done in the Magento 2 admin panel by going to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > PayPal Express Checkout > Basic Settings and setting the Payment Action to "Authorization".

When the Payment Action is set to "Authorization", the order will be created in the Sales Order Admin with a "Pending" status when the customer clicks the "Place Order" button and is redirected to the PayPal payment page. If the customer completes the payment on the PayPal payment page, the order status will be updated to "Processing" or "Complete" depending on your Magento 2 configuration.

However, if the customer does not complete the payment process on the PayPal payment page, the order will remain in the Sales Order Admin with a "Pending" status. In this case, you will need to manually cancel the order or contact the customer to resolve the payment issue.

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