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Out of stock and buy

Out of stock and buy


i have a question about the function stock.

We need to make it possible to order out of stock items.

So at the moment we have config it to allow order with under stock 0 and allow backorders.

So as example we have an item with:

Stock: -10
Status: not in Stock

At the front it show the item with the notice "Out of stock" and the add to basket is disabled.

If we have an item which have:

Stock: 10

Status: in Stock

It show the item in front with the notice "in Stock" and can add to the basket. When a costumer put 20 into basket he get the notice that he can order 10 and 10 get into the backorders.


How can we make it possible, that the show the correct Stock status, but allow every time the backorders?


Re: Out of stock and buy

Hello @mediadiv,


I recommend you to choose the following Magento2 Pre Order Extension for ordering items which are out of stock so hope you definitely ended up with solution from here.


If you find solution, hit kudos and accept as solution


Best regards

Re: Out of stock and buy

Hello there, 

As per your query, I can recommend you the best and feasible solution that can be implemented.


You can integrate the Out of Stock Notification for Magento 2 that will help to notify the customer when the out of stock products are back to stock.


In addition, Magento 2 Pre Order Extension will help the customers to purchase the products that are not available currently but will arrive soon. Give both of them a look and the features will surely make your store more fascinating. 


I hope you find this solution helpful. For any query please make the reply. 



Jyotsna Smiley Happy