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Packing slip before invoice

Packing slip before invoice



I would like to print a packing slip for my orders before they go to ship or invoice. Is this not possible?





Re: Packing slip before invoice



You won't be able to get a ready-for-print list with Magento out-of-the-box.

Maybe there is a module out there (you can take a look at the


Meanwhile, maybe, you can use something like:

Edit Shipping gridEdit Shipping gridYou can choose which columns do you want to see on your grids.


Add shipping information to gridAdd shipping information to grid

 Add the Shipping information column.


See the Shipping information on gridSee the Shipping information on grid

 Now you will be able to see the information.


And you will be able to export the list to Excel.

Export to ExcelExport to Excel



I know this isn't a real solution but is the easiest way without changing things (I guess).

The alternative could be to develop your own list in the way you need.

Re: Packing slip before invoice

This extension is not working for those orders who have status 'Complete'.