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Product Shows "Email for Price" Call To Action When $0

Product Shows "Email for Price" Call To Action When $0

Have a client who we just launched a store for. There are tons of products he needs to add, but does not have price on hand for immediately.


Is there something we can do to have any product with $0 (or is there a toggle) that turns this products "Add to Cart" button into a, for example, "Email for Price" button so it has the customer email him for a quote in the meantime and does not just turn them off the site ?


We also don't want the client to be able to purchase at $0, so just making sure what it is we can do since the site is live and anything can happen as products are updated and loaded.


Hope you guys know what I mean, Thank you in advance for your time.


Re: Product Shows "Email for Price" Call To Action When $0

Hi @oscarfnmnl


okay i understand the problem you are facing and the requirement you would like to achieve.


Here i would suggest you to use the third-party extensions called - Call for price


What this extensions will do , when you installed and configured it - it will add button called "Call for price" on certain categories/products where you want to showcased.


Below i am listing such extension , check with its demo if its suites to your requirement then you can use it for the same :


Hope it helps !

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