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PayPal Express Wrong Payment Box for Guest

PayPal Express Wrong Payment Box for Guest

I have PayPal Express configured which works okay with people paying with PayPal but the guest checkout, when someone wants to pay with a card, doesn't always work.

When it doesn't work, if you click in Visa, the payment box extends with US default details. If you enter details here it never proceeds past this screen.

When it does work, a different payment pop-up box appears with the correct UK default details.

Sometimes if I re-enter that PayPal API credentials it works ok for a short time but then goes back to the non-working version.
Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Below are the two different payment experiences, Default US (which doesn't work) and Default UK (which does work)


Default USDefault USDefault UKDefault UK


Re: PayPal Express Wrong Payment Box for Guest

Hi Andrew, 

As there are three reasons of wrong Payment Box for guest in Paypal

  1. Paypal Optional Setting is not 'On"
    (for help )
  2. Might some time this issue raised due to wrong email address
  3. Not properly configured, This is most important as if configuration is not as per standard, then this must be raised or breaks the code of other functionality.

Hope you got the answer, For any kind of help you can mail me on 



Project Manager