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Product URL After Migration To Magento 2


Product URL After Migration To Magento 2

I may be missing something, but after we migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2, the product links are not the same, but the category links are correct.

Maybe there is an additional setting, or I am needing a plugin, but I am hoping one of you can help me correct this.

On Magento 1 the link looks like this: /air-heaters/1-2-d-x-5-tube-length-air-heater-120v-400w-36-leads.html

On Magento 2, like this: /catalog/product/view/id/10751/s/1-2-d-x-5-tube-length-air-heater-120v-400w-36-leads/category/567/

I need it like the first one, so that we won't have to start over with seo and I do not want to have to do a redirect for all 6000+ products.


After some reading, it looks like migration tool doesn't import the url rewrites on products, but it does for categories?


I need to find a quick fix so we can go live in 2 weeks. Thank you


Re: Product URL After Migration To Magento 2

Hi @protherm 

Kindly refer below link:

It may help you to resolve your issue.

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Re: Product URL After Migration To Magento 2

Hi @protherm,


To solve your issue, you can create 301 Redirects manually in Magento 2. Kindly refer to this article if you follow this method. 


Another solution for you is using URL Rewrites. The URL Rewrite tool lets you change any URL that is associated with a product, category, or CMS page. When the rewrite goes into effect, any links that point to the previous URL are redirected to the new address. 


However, as you said you need a quick fix, I would recommend you to use an automated tool that can migrate your SEO URLs quickly and accurately. The tool also provides the 301 redirect option for you depending on your need. You can refer to this link for more information.


Let me know if you need further assistance. Hope it helps!


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Marcus | LitExtension Expert
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