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Product images for webshop, best practice

Product images for webshop, best practice

I have product images that arrive from my photographer, about 7MB. What should I do to optimize them for my webshop please? 

I heard that:

- I should do nothing and upload them as they are, because Magento 2 automatically optimizes them

- Resize them to longest side 800px and try to have max. 100kb/image


What is the best practice please and where can I find more information on this? 


Thank you very much for your support!





Re: Product images for webshop, best practice

The best suggestion here is to convert images to the WebP format. It is an image format created and used by Google. So it is a great option to use this format if you want to improve the website speed and get to a higher SERP position.


The extension to use for this I would suggest the Magento 2 WebP Images. It has the 4 conversion mode option that allows you to choose from manual to automatic conversion. Besides, you can set different image quality by which the size of the images will vary. So you can kind of define the speed of your website loading yourself ( by setting certain quality).


However, you can also check this article on 3 Top Image Optimization Tips for some other ways to optimize images on your Magento 2 store.


P.S. Almost forgot to tell you the WebP Images extension by Magefan works for not only product images but all images on your website.