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Root Category After Migration & SEO Question

Root Category After Migration & SEO Question

I have migrated my website to Magento 2 and after a few Google searches to determine why my categories were not showing in the main menu, I found several blogs explaining that you have to create a new default category and then copy the products over.


As simple as it sounds, I would like to make sure I am not going to create an issue for us with links already listed in Google and other search engines.


Do I just create a new category and then move all of the existing categories under the new one? Also, after I do this, will it add an additional category in the link? I don't want to lose backlinks that we have built for the past 7 years.


I just want to confirm before I proceed. Thanks


Re: Root Category After Migration & SEO Question

Hi @protherm,


To let the main menu display your categories, you need to assign root category to store group. In order to do that, go to Store -> All store -> choose Store -> edit Root Category.


After that, enable + include in menu = true for the categories you want to be displayed. 


Let me know if you need further assistance. Hope it helps!


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Marcus | LitExtension Expert
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