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'Remember Category Pagination' Impact on SEO


'Remember Category Pagination' Impact on SEO



We've noticed a new option in the Magento catalog configuration which allows the pagination options selected by customers to be remembered.


We would like to enable this but the configuration options has the following note below it: 

Changing may affect SEO and cache storage consumption.


Does anyone know what specific impact this configuration option has for SEO? I can't figure out what if any impact this would have?




Re: 'Remember Category Pagination' Impact on SEO

Hello @Neilwebdev 


Please check the following:

  1. When you migrate your store to Magento 2, a new root category is formed which is shown here: The highlighted category is the new formed root category. You need to assign this category to the respective store views.
  2. For that, navigate to Stores > All Stores -
  3. Select the store view -
  4. Assign the root category to the store and save the configuration -

After following the above steps, flush cache.


I hope this helps.

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Re: 'Remember Category Pagination' Impact on SEO

Hi Sanjay,


Have you got the wrong thread? I'm not sure what root categories has to do with my issue at all?