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Salable Stock in 2.3.1

Salable Stock in 2.3.1

Salable Quantity and actual quantity don't seem to match up.


If we have a customer who puts their order on hold for collection (and say doesn't come in for a week)

Our salable quantity stays at 38, and quantity available stays at 42.

however - we scan these out in our shop epos system.

We then obtain a report saying all the things that have sold, and someone goes through this list - updating our magento manually.

When they update this specific product - they update the quantity to it's new level (38), however - that drops the default available salable level to 34


(obvious answer is for the person doing this update to leave specific stock level alone... however, it's not as easy/straightforward as that...)

Anyone any ideas?


Re: Salable Stock in 2.3.1

Hello @The_Green_Welly,


Actually if you need to update the default and salable quantities common for all products in your magento store its very easy to update all, but if you have differenct number of quantities for specific products there is two option do with smart.


1) update via excel sheet SKU, Default salable quantity and quantity.

2) update via attributes and update the existing products (quantities must be common for all)


If my solution is useful, give kudos and accept as solution

Best regards

Re: Salable Stock in 2.3.1

Hi, thanks for your answer, can you explan in detail how to do in both options?