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Sales T's and C's enforcement

Sales T's and C's enforcement

We're a 2.4.2p-1 site. Some of our products require information on file with us in order to allow the customer to purchase the items. 


Terms and Conditions doesn't seem to help in enforcing that the customer can't complete the sale without the document on file. The closest it seems to come is causing every customer - not just those that order one of those restricted products - to accept that the order may be voided/canceled if they don't get us the document.


But that's a burden on every sale that isn;''t necessary, plus it doesn't do anything more than make the customer acknowledge the possibly.


Is there a default means to do this in 2.4, i.e. only trigger when one of the restricted items is included in an order, and then let them know that they'll need to get it to us so the sale can be completed? I can't see one, and but am hoping I'm missing something.


Thanks in advance.

Thank you,

Re: Sales T's and C's enforcement

Hi Mike,


There is not a default way to do this in Magento.


What you could do is create a Customer Group for shoppers that are approved to purchase restricted items. You could then use an extension like[]=open%20source%20(ce). This would allow you hide the "Add to Cart" button, and replace it with a block of text, directing shoppers to take an action, or perhaps linking them to a landing page where they can submit the required information for review.


Once they've done what they need to do, you can switch their user account to be in the appropriate Customer Group, and they'll be able to purchase the products.


The benefit of this approach is that no one places an order that can't be fulfilled. It's a very clear step-by-step approach for everyone involved.


Best of luck!

Re: Sales T's and C's enforcement

Hi Robert,


Thanks for this. We'd already created the Customer Group and will consider this extension. A little pricey for solving the problem, but one way to do it...


With over 50,000 products on the site, it's a challenge to manage no matter how we do it, particularly because products change constantly, including whether they're restricted.


Unfortunately, I think the whole issue is leading me to getting Magento Certified and writing my own extensions for some of the problems - like this and managing prices, etc.



Thank you,