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Search terms results

Search terms results

Is there a way I can dictate results for specific search terms?


Re: Search terms results

Hi Georgina,


Check out this helpful section in the Magento 2 User Guide:


There are various controls in place that will allow you to adjust what shoppers see when they conduct a search. 


For instance, you can take shoppers directly to specific pages on your site, like category pages and product pages. This is done by redirecting the user to such pages.


Another example is synonyms. If someone searches for "violet", you can show them the results for purple instead.


Yet another way to improve search results is by determining which product attributes you're using in conjunction with your site search. You can determine that some attribute fields that have valuable information should impact site search, while other fields should not. See:



Some even take it a step further by determining which attributes should be given more weight when determining search results:



Best of luck!