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ServiceNow Chat Plugin

ServiceNow Chat Plugin


I would like to know if Magento2 support chat plug in from Service Now. We currently use the Zendesk to manage the chat on our websites, but keen to move to Service Now as we want to merge to our enterprise service management platform - ServiceNow.


Let me know if this is do-able and if anyone has experience with this integration.





Re: ServiceNow Chat Plugin

Hello @dilip_kumar14 

Don't have experience with it but if they provide to enter the code on website for integration which may need to add in <head> tag then its simple integration what other providers provide.


Go to Design - Configuration - Select Theme 

In header look for miscellaneous code and paste the code.


You can also ask them for Magento 2 plugin they might have for integration.




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Re: ServiceNow Chat Plugin

Hello DK. Yes, Magento2 does support chat plugins from ServiceNow. They have successfully integrated ServiceNow with Magento2 to provide chat support on their websites. If you want to move to ServiceNow as your enterprise service management platform, you should consider using the chat plugin from ServiceNow. More information you can find here at It is a very powerful tool that will allow you to manage your chat support efficiently. I hope this helps! Take care!