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Shipping costs - Table Rates

Shipping costs - Table Rates

Magento Version 2.3.2
The following rule should be displayed in the store.

Up to a shopping cart amount of $99.99 the shipping costs are $7.90.
From $100 no shipping costs will be charged.

My procedure:
Magento Backend (Configuration / Sales / Shipping methods) allows to download the CSV file template under the tab "table based shipping costs".
This contains the following:
Line 1: Country, region/state, postal code, "Subtotal of order (and higher)", "Price vs. destination".

My input is:
Line 2:USA,*,*,0,7.9
Line 3:USA,*,*,100,0

Online I constantly find different answers to possible entries. Unfortunately none of them has been crowned with success so far. Instead the following message appears after saving:

"Something went wrong when importing the table-based shipping costs."

As a Magento beginner I would be grateful for help.


Re: Shipping costs - Table Rates

Hi @steal ,

can you try one trick with your data

lnstead of adding 7.9 add 8 there and check if that CSV import is working or not. 

if that case is working for you then it might be possible that in Price vs destination condition we need to provide round off value only. Like they use in devdocs example.


Hope this helps you!

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