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Shopping Cart Timeout

Shopping Cart Timeout

Hi guys,


I'm having an issue with shopping carts and stock.


The quantity and salable quantity seem to be very different in many cases. The salable quantity is going down faster than the quantity which i understand is because of customers having the product in their cart. After 5 days now the salable quantity still isn't back to how it should be and has even gone to a negative number. 


We have stock of 9 and are unable to sell any of them because the salable quantity is constantly negative from now on. 


How can i change the Shopping Cart timeout to say.. 30 minutes instead of a number of days? This is ruining our stock and preventing us from selling.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Shopping Cart Timeout

Hello @luke_watton 

As per my understanding this issue is because of Magento functionality when product in customers cart then then will not display in the default stoke.

For that you can use the " Persistent Shopping Cart" functionality of the Magento. 

Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Customer > Persistent Shopping Cart
Please set the configuration of that based on your company's requirement here 

Persistence Lifetime (seconds)

For more details of this functionality you can go through below link.

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Re: Shopping Cart Timeout

I am having a similar issue but i dont have that drop down option mine is either yes or no, lifetime second? Could you please help;