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Theme Issues

Theme Issues

Hello all, having issues with my hello wired theme, i installed it a few weeks ago and it seems to be not working correctly. When somebody registers on my website, they receive their confirmation and this then sends them to their account. The one issue is when the log out and then try to log back it again they cannot log it? There is also a random F above the page (no idea where that has come from).


My second issue is when somebody places an item in the basket, a code appears on the page and nothing else and the same applies when it is taken out of the cart?


Last issue, i have added rules so there is a lower postage amount for a specific price in the cart but i have found that it applies the whole discount of the product and sometimes doubles it?? 


I am at a loss with it and your help would be appreciated.


My URL is 


Thanks Adam


Re: Theme Issues

Your site works on the Magento 1.x, not on Magento 2.

This is Magento 2 forum branch.