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Too many redirects with appended admin URL

Too many redirects with appended admin URL

I was using a default generated admin URL on our dev site, and I wanted to change the admin URL to something custom. After doing changing it on the admin side, I was no longer able to access admin and got a 404 redirect error. After trying to change it via CLI, trying to recompile and redeploy, and other steps, now when trying to access the admin URL, it gives a redirected too many times error, and also appends the admin link over and over again.


example localhost/admin => localhost/admin/admin/admin/admin/admin../admin


What can I do to fix this?


Re: Too many redirects with appended admin URL

Hello @webdevelopcb1a ,


can you share what is your current frontend base url, what is the changes you have done in admin (with configurations) ?


Though you can simply change your admin url slug in app/etc/env.php file.

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