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Translate country names

Translate country names

I implemented a module with the directions presented in the following article:


However, I don't know how to translate the newly added country. For example, the one named as 'Abstract Country' at the above article. I tried with CSV files at the below locations, but this was not possible, at least on my Magento 2.4.6:


  • app/code/<VendorName>/ExtraCountries/i18n
  • app/design/frontend/<VendorName>/<Theme>/i18n



Re: Translate country names

Hello @dandrikop 


Identify the Language Pack:

Determine the language pack that you need to add the translations to. Language packs are typically stored in the app/i18n directory.


If you don’t already have a translation file, you will need to create one. The naming convention for translation files is xx_YY.csv, where xx is the language code and YY is the country code (e.g., en_US.csv for American English).


Add Translations to the CSV File:

Open the appropriate translation CSV file (or create one if it doesn’t exist) for the language you are targeting.


Add entries for your new country translations. Each entry in the CSV should follow the format: "Original text","Translated text".


For example, if you added a new country called "Atlantis" and you want to translate it into French, your fr_FR.csv might include: "Atlantis","Atlantide"


Place the CSV File in the Correct Location:

Ensure your CSV file is placed in the correct location within your Magento installation. Typically, this would be under app/i18n/Vendor/language_pack_code/.



Clear Cache:

bin/magento cache:clean
bin/magento cache:flush

Deploy Static Content

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy fr_FR


Additional Tips

Check Existing Translations: Sometimes, translations for countries might already exist in Magento’s core translation files. Ensure there’s no conflict with existing translations.

Language Packs: If you are using third-party language packs, make sure to place your custom translations in the correct directory to avoid them being overwritten by updates.

Custom Modules: If you are adding the country via a custom module, consider including the translation file within your module’s i18n directory.



Hope it helps !

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Re: Translate country names



$locale = new Zend_Locale('de_DE');
        $countries = $locale->getTranslationList('Territory', $locale->getLanguage(), 2);
echo $countries['DE'];

Thank You!

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