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User Role Permission for Inventory

User Role Permission for Inventory

For a new site, a requirement I have is to give ordinary users the ability to add inventory items. I don't see any way to do this short of perhaps designing a function to take this as a "request" and then deal with it in that way.


Is there something I'm missing? Having users log in to the back end is not the way to solve this by creating a role with this type of ability, but I'm hoping someone has deal with this before and there is some sort of work-around or standard method for extending this type of role/permission to a user?


Re: User Role Permission for Inventory

Hi @mike_latzky,


You can assigne roles to a user at module level, not at attribute level. 

Inventory are the product attributes. 


You can assign permission role at Product level, then admin uder with this role can mange whole product. 


For the role, you can check magento document.

Ask me if you have any question.  

Re: User Role Permission for Inventory

Thanks @Vimal Kumar . As with your other answer, I'll work on this to see if I can make it work.

Re: User Role Permission for Inventory

I think this thread was closer to my initial requirement of allowing user to add inventory as a donation. I see how I can set the user role to allow this.


It now occurs to me that I'll need two build a custom screen to allow this with just the "fields" that I want to give them access to. As someone new to Magento, I see that this gives me my next challenge - how to design a screen to do this. 


Can anyone point me in the right direction with a tutorial to create a screen to add an inventory item/product? Obviously, it would have the prerequisite that I've set the user role to allow users to do this (as I now understand from the previous post in this). 


I'm not sure exactly which permission to set as I've reviewed them and don't see an "add" permission. Is this the User Role I would set?

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 7.24.26 AM.png