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Product Configurator with many attributes that are price relevant

Product Configurator with many attributes that are price relevant

We would like to build a configurator that has 20 different variants (size, color, material, ...).
The number of theoretical product variations would be billions.


Each variant has certain factors that determine the price, e.g. if size = XL then $10, if color = yellow then plus $5 + 10 percent.


Can this be solved with Magento? How?
Can this be solved with a configuratable product and attributes or with Configurable options ?

Some combinations have to be excluded, e.g. the variant size S in green is not allowed.
How can this be solved?



Re: Product Configurator with many attributes that are price relevant

Hi Max,


I take it from your request that these will not be inventoried products, but rather products that are made on-demand. With that in mind, you could potentially forgo using Magento Configurable products, and have one Simple Product that offers different Custom Options, known as Customizable Options. You can learn more about these at:


You'll notice that, for instance, prices can be fixed amounts, or a percentage of the product price. 


Magento is an open-source platform, so you can write extensions to allow for custom features and functionality. There are also off-the-shelf Magento Extensions that you can install to enhance Magento's native features. A relevant example is:


This extension allows you to set up dependencies. An example would be that if the shopper selects Green, then only certain size options will be made available. You can read more about that in the manual for this extension at:


So, overall, I'd say that your use case is possible, although your unique use-case may take some customization.


I'll also add that, if you're going to be using a very large number of options, it may impact the loading speed of a webpage, so you'd be best off to choose a developer and web host that are prepared to help you with any such challenges.


Best of luck!