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When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

Dear all.. I have tried to ask about this before but to no avail.. So trying again in the hope someone, somewhere might be able to offer some advice or correct my thinking.


As it stands,our Magento 2.3.3 store is showing stock qty to our customers.... we sell kitchen appliances so its low stock qty's of between 1 and 10. etc.


When someone places an order. The stock qty that the customers see on our website does not decrease... until the order is processed and "shipped".


So if I have 1 of this washing machine in stock and 10 people see the washing machine and order it thinking it is in stock I am going to have 9 very irate customers.


How is this not a massive problem? Why does it work like this? Why does the qty not decrease by 1 when an order is simply placed?


What does everyone else do? Should I hire a team of staff to sit at the magento admin... 24/7 waiting for an order so that the order can be frantically  "shipped" JUST so that the stock levels other potential customers see are correct?


It's not even a valid solution as the customer might incorrecly interpret that as the item HAS been shipped when it might not have! Little do they know we just had to "ship" it to make our website stock qty's work!! It is absurd...!


Or am I completely missing something here?


Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.


Should I be using the variables here to show accurate stock qtys on the front end perhaps?



Interface Description

GetProductSalableQtyInterfaceReturns the salable product quantity for the specified stock ID
IsProductSalableInterfaceChecks whether the product is salable
IsProductSalableForRequestedQtyInterfaceChecks whether there is enough salable quantity to fulfill an order or place the product into a shopping cart


Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

@matt_ayres did you ever figure anything out about this?  Experiencing the same in Magento Commerce 2.3.5-p1

Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

Hi ....


I ended up using this extension to make Magento work like normal....


Still trying to work out the logic behind native Magento shipping... Still clueless.. lol

Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

The "Salable Qty" also makes no sense for us, please change something or make it more costumizable. There are so many Questions about that in the web.


(Saleable) Qty of product is 1, costumer buys one, saleable qty is 0, but next costumer isn't informed, that the qty is 0 and backorder will be placed.

It is sad, that there is no solution, instead of writing code or installing a plugin (which makes updating harder). Disabling Backorder is also no solution for us.



Stock Options

Decrease Stock When Order is Placed Yes
Set Items' Status to be In Stock When Order is Cancelled Yes
Display Out of Stock Products Yes
Only X left Threshold 1
Display Products Availability in Stock on Storefront Yes


Product Stock Options

Manage Stock Yes
Backorders Allow Qty Below 0 and Notify Customer
Out-of-Stock Threshold 0

Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

It is truly bizarre isn't it...


How can I mature years old ecommerce platform... built by hundreds of clever programmers, now be aware of such simple as logic as:


"If a customer buys 1 of something that's in stock .. decrease the stock level by 1 so next customer sees the correct stock level"


Honestly my 10 year old kid could understand this. Beggers belief.


And no one wants to talk about it either that's whats really strange.

Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

And (almost) nobody is interested.

Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

Ha... nobody from magento development!

Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

It's all a bit unclear how stock quantities are managed, but matt_ayres do you have backorders disabled? I think you should be able to stop customers placing orders for out of stock products by disabling backorders. It's an option in Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Product Stock Options.

Re: When qty ≠ qty . The absurdity of MSI.

I don't want to disable back orders for my products. 80% of my catalog is 'out of stock' ... I just would need to order it in from the manufacturer....


We're not talking about that anyway... we are talking about the inability of Magento to recognize current stock levels.