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Wrong access to customres not from the main website

Wrong access to customres not from the main website

Hi. I'm new with Comunity Magento 2.0.2 and I have one doubt about to how to set properly the configuration for my use case


This is my scenario:

- I have customers who belong to a company

- I want to show differents products and prices to them based on his company

- Also I want to have a public store to show the public products


I have search in the documentation and I found that one aproach could be based on website, so I created one website for each different company.


Now I have this structure

Website Store Storeview

Public Public English

Company A Company A English

Company B Company B English


I have created a few test customers and assign them to different websites. I get this error

Invalid login or password.


The problem is when I try to make login with them. I think it's because they need to perform the login in an url that identifies them into a store because users from the default Website works fine


What I try

- Perform a reset password. I get this url /customer/account/createpassword/ but when type the new password I get Something went wrong while saving the new password.

- In the global configuration set to true the "Add the store code to the url."  but I get the same error in both ways


Could you please point me in the right direction of what I'm doing wrong? 


Thanks very much and sorry for my english














Re: Wrong access to customres not from the main website

Hi. I fixed this problem creating a module with a plugin to replace the login method. In this plugin I search through all the websites and try to authenticate my customer. If one website succeded, then redirect the user to that store


To perform authentication I based on this work: