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delete unwanted orders in backend

delete unwanted orders in backend

hi im using Magento ver.  Did anyone know how to delete unwanted orders and how do i set up the delete any order

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Re: delete unwanted orders in backend

Hi @deen_deen 


Magento Core does not provide delete order feature but you can do it easily by integrating below free module.


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Re: delete unwanted orders in backend

Hello @deen_deen ,

Magento default does not provide this feature. But there are many free extension in magento marketplace which are compatible with magento 1.9.3.*. Please refer the link

You can use any of the extension for deleting the unwanted order.

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Re: delete unwanted orders in backend

As mentioned before, the delete orders option is not provided in Magento by default.

However, you can use Magento 2 Better Admin Order Grid extension to delete orders from the grid and from the order editing page.


Besides this feature, Better Order Grid extension provides you with a lot more like change order status, set order status colors, add coupons to the grid and more.


So if you want to delete orders in Magento 2 with Better Order Grid Module, you will get much more useful features in addition.