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selling product by weight / stock control

selling product by weight / stock control



not sure whether this is the right place for the topic but here we go.

I am selling products by weight (loose leaf tea) and need to have a way to control the stock/inventory.

As I have a brick and mortar shop as well as selling online it is a bit difficult to keep up with the stock.

My Epos System will be able to connect to Magento, that is not the issue, but I am struggling to configure Magento 2 itself.


Situation will be as follows:

There is a stock of e.g. 2000g of tea A.

Shop sells 100g of Tea A, epos systems takes it off the stock, so 1900 g of Tea A remain.

Online shop sells 200g of Tea a, takes it off the stock, so 1700 g of Tea A remain.


I can not use configurable product, as that does not take off the common stock. As I do not know what customers will buy in which quantity, I can't use this option, cause that would me having to guess how many packs of 50g, 100g or 200 g per variety would be available.


I hope I explained it right.


any help will be much appreciated, but please keep in mind, it is just poor wee me maintaining the website and not a magento guru.

Many thanks, Sabine


Re: selling product by weight / stock control

Hi Sabine,


Not knowing your site and product catalog, I can at least share some thoughts. 


When setting up a Simple Product in your Magento Admin, you'll see an Advanced Inventory hyperlink just below the Qty field. There, you'll be able to enable a field called "Enable Qty Increments" which will give you another field called "Qty Increments" to fill out. This will allow you to sell your product in increments of, for example, 50g. That means that a shopper could purchase 50g, 100g, 150g....2000g.


This would allow you to have one inventory record for the product. So if you have 10,000g of Jasmine Tea available, and then one shopper purchases 50g, and another purchases 200g, you'll have 9,750g left in inventory. 



Here's another option:


You could set this product up to sell per 50g units. If you have a total of 10,000 grams of Jasmine Tea on hand, that would be an inventory of 200 units.


When creating or editing a Simple Product, you'll notice an "Advanced Pricing" hyperlink under the Price field. This will give you access to set up group prices. For example, perhaps 1 unit (50 grams) of Jasmine sells for $20, but 2 units or more (100g+) sells for $18 per unit, and 4 units or more (200g+) sells for $16 per unit.


The goal would be to keep one combined inventory field for the product.


Best of luck!

Re: selling product by weight / stock control

Hi Robert,


thank you for your answer.

I think the first option might be the way to go as the second one is not quite what I am after.

The main issue is for me that the amount people buy is deducted from the inventory


Here's a link to the website how it is with M1 at the moment


Kind regards,



Re: selling product by weight / stock control

I was impressed by the variety of tea products on your website.

I recommend you package your new products in pyramid tea bags or another type of packaging. Use it as a way to promote new products.

By testing the market first, you can produce what they want and then expand from there. This will reduce how much inventory you need to maintain.

I also have an offline tea store in China. I use this method to test new tea leaves in the market during peak consumption periods like Mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year.

I also bought a tea bag tea packaging machine so that I could test new models and batch-pack tea bags.

Here's a link: 

 Or find a local OEM factory to enter into a partnership.