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2.4.2 - Customer cart is emptied for orders which fail payment

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2.4.2 - Customer cart is emptied for orders which fail payment

Version: Magento 2.4.2

Payments: Opayo PI integration


Issue: Orders with a failed payment create "Pending Payment" state order and subsequently empty customer cart and don't allow for a payment re-attempt.


This occurs for any payment/card failure (wrong digit, failed 3d secure, wrong CVC)

These are very common user errors for ecommerce.

This creates negative user experience as the customer then has to re-shop for their cart content and re-checkout. 


This is because:

1. Magento default is for orders to be placed into order state "Pending Payment" as the checkout page is redirected for payment validation from bank/provider (3d Secure). This 'creates' the order whilst payment is sent for approved/refused. As 3d secure is worldwide mandatory in 2022 this will impact all store checkouts.


2. If this fails due to incorrect card details or fail of 3d secure, the order remains Pending Payment and the customer has their basket subsequently cleared



Orders should not be created until payment is authorised from provider. If refused, return to checkout page. If authorised, proceed to order creation upon success.

Allow for cart data to be retained and re-provided if payment is failed, not to create Pending Payment order.


This causes many issues for sellers and is a huge cause of abandoned carts and negative feedback. This should be native behaviour for Magento to provide customers another attempt to pay rather than removing the cart and placing useless Payment Pending order.