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Ability to turn off B2B Feature Emails and control when they fire.

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Ability to turn off B2B Feature Emails and control when they fire.

Not entirely sure why this had not been posted before.


We finally launched Magento upgrade to 2.3.3 from 2.1.8 last week, which was successful, but we quickly discovered that there was a feature we never encountered during testing which we don’t have an easy way to get rid of - “B2B Emails”. These seem to fire randomly every time either company or company user is updated in synchronization, or really even updated for any reason in user interface.


There doesn’t appear to be any way to turn it off either. 


For every marketing feature of Magento that involves an email going out, especially to a customer, there HAS to be a way to turn it off without overriding product code.


In fact, there should be a unified admin module that tracks all outbound communication types currently active in one place, and allows them to be activated/deactivated individually. 


Not being able to turn off annoying emails that seem to fire randomly and frequently immediately forces customers to flag us as spammers, which degrades our ability to communicate with customers on valid and production necessary items - password resets, order confirmations, true marketing specials etc.