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Additional data for 3D Secure 2 standard (EMVCo)

Additional data for 3D Secure 2 standard (EMVCo)

As part of the new 3-D Secure standard that is coming into force in Europe, there are a number of new parameters that should be sent to credit card acquirers. For a full list of the new fields check Credit Card 3DS2 Fields

Currently missing information as far as my research showed:

  • customer last login date
  • customer password change date
  • how many attempts to add a credit card to vault (e.g. tried to add 100 credentials and only the last one was valid)
  • customer suspicious activity (there should be a way for a merchant to mark a customer as suspicious)
  • street 3 field for billing and shipping address
  • mobile phone and work phone (add 2 additional phone fields)
  • expected delivery date for preordered products

To ensure full compliance with the 3-D Secure standard this fields should be added.

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Rohit Kashyap
Occasional Contributor

Hello Sebastian,


That is absolutely correct, online store owners will be needing more information from their customers. Following the EU guidelines for KYC, merchants will have to request additional details for payment processing and other requirements.


One thing here that I would like to share about extending the default Magento customer sign up form with customized form fields, for this purpose, one should check Webkul Custom Registration Fields for Magento 2 extension.

Enabling the store admin to add more fields in the customer registration form. It supports all types of inputs - text, date, selection, dropdown, file upload, etc.


Moreover, the customers also update the information later from the My Account section. Read the Samsung case study, how they are using Webkul Custom Registration Fields extension for collecting information for EPP (Employee Purchase Program).