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Additional data for 3D Secure 2 standard (EMVCo)

Additional data for 3D Secure 2 standard (EMVCo)

As part of the new 3-D Secure standard that is coming into force in Europe, there are a number of new parameters that should be sent to credit card acquirers. For a full list of the new fields check Credit Card 3DS2 Fields

Currently missing information as far as my research showed:

  • customer last login date
  • customer password change date
  • how many attempts to add a credit card to vault (e.g. tried to add 100 credentials and only the last one was valid)
  • customer suspicious activity (there should be a way for a merchant to mark a customer as suspicious)
  • street 3 field for billing and shipping address
  • mobile phone and work phone (add 2 additional phone fields)
  • expected delivery date for preordered products

To ensure full compliance with the 3-D Secure standard this fields should be added.