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Automate Smart Category Rules

Automate Smart Category Rules

Currently in 2.4+, the process of applying category rules requires a manual save of each category.  This is extremely time consuming for a store that has a lot of categories and also could severely impact the cache if done during business hours.  These rules should be applied automatically or at least on a schedule.  A bonus would be to do this in a cache-preserving way.

Senior Member

Yes, I agree 100%. The expected behaviour of this feature should be that it automatically updates the category products dynamically.  There just doesn’t really seem to be much point in having this feature if it requires manually saving each category to update the products.


It’s really disappointing that I’m now going to have to abandon this Magento native feature in favor of a 3rd party module. All of these 3rd party options seem to offer the ability to update the category products automatically/dynamically without creating huge server loads.

New Member

Completely agree, We have just created 100's of categories on the advise of our SEO company which has worked amazingly well but we are also due to upload 200 new products to our catalog next week a lot of which will be in several of these categories. I have no idea how we are going to overcome having to waste time going back and  saving 100's of categories.