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Backend quick jump form

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Backend quick jump form

Feature request from dmaciej, posted on GitHub Aug 20, 2015

I have an idea to introduce some kind of a quick jump form in the backend. There is a lot of pages and settings sections in the admin panel, and we should consider implementing some method to make it easier to review. It would be very useful for casual administrators and developers as well.

We have product search in backend already, so it could be some base for this feature. However, addional search box on the oposite side should also be taken into consideration.

There is a similar module for Magento 1.x here but it provides configuration search only (like phpStorm settings search).

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Comment from pboisvert, posted on GitHub May 04, 2016

@elenleonova Elena--can you take ownership on this one? @piotrekkaminski Wasn't this one of the hack ideas from Imagine? If so is there a starting point that could be leveraged?