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Basic Support for Stock Take [Stock freeze]

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Basic Support for Stock Take [Stock freeze]

request: Basic Support for Stock Take [Stock freeze]



We all do it. Every month, every quarter or every year. Count the stock: stock take. Magento does not support the basic business process. It should.


The problem 

When you execute a stock take, this takes time. During this time orders enter the system. THere is nothing wrong with that. But you want to freeze the stock decrement until done. This can be easily achieved by a Magento quick win. Especially after the 2.3 version because stock and stock reserve are separated.



Here we are with our nice little Magento store. It is 7 AM. No orders for today. So we pick all our orders and the stock in Magento versus the Warehouse = equal (suppose Smiley Wink. The team then starts counting the products qty's and order picking is paused. During this time orders enter the system and decrement stock. When you are done counting you import all the stock (or in batches). The order picking starts again and this is where it goes wrong. All the sold products during the stock take have never been decremented fromt he stock Qty



Add a pause stock button on store level (in case you do stock take for complete warehouse in 1 go). And add a pause stock update button on product level. If the pause option is activated then stock is no longer decremented. After the stock take we undo the pause and stock is decremented from the Qty. This time the Warehouse <= IN SYNC => Magento