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Colour swatch to display next to colour name in Attribute Values

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Colour swatch to display next to colour name in Attribute Values

This is more of a demand than a suggestion, because it's total madness that this is not standard. How has this simple thing, that is so important, been overlooked by Magento?


I'm creating a multivendor marketplace using Magento2 for fashion retailers. 


In the world of fashion (and many other retail avenues) have all kinds of odd names for their colours, to make them sound more exciting for buyers. 


However in Magento2, when creating a configurable product using attributes, when choosing colours you can only see the colour name, not the swatch of the colour. Why the hell would Magento leave such a simple thing out?!


How on earth are vendors supposed to know the variant shades between the colour names, if they cannot see the colours?!


Attribute not showing colours.png


Just look at that! ...It's pathetic.


I'm not sure this should even be a suggestion, if the Magento team see this post, you should just get this sorted because it's total madness.


I've sunk a lot of money into building this with Magento2 so far, but to have this simple thing have such a detrimental effect at this stage ...Just shame on Magento for having overlooked this.


I've seen posts for this dating back to 2016, it's now November 2017. GET IT DONE.