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Dashboard Link direct to Media Storage Interface

Dashboard Link direct to Media Storage Interface

As a new user of M2.2, I am surprised that there is no direct link from the Dashboard, or from within the /Catalog/ and /Content/ menus, to open the Media Storage interface. Other solutions (e.g. Joomla) have a "Media Manager" link displayed on the Dashboard which allows an Admin User to manage and curate the media uploaded and used within the project - either Product Images, Videos etc. or for Page Content.


It seems slightly daft that the only way I can upload an image from within the Dashboard, is to open a web page or product page for editing, then click the 'Insert Image' icon in the Editor's toolbar to launch the 'Insert Image' interface, in order to browse for and insert media files.


Surely it would be a simple task to create a discrete link to the Media Storage interface, either directly from the left-hand menu or from within the slide-out menus for both of the following interfaces:


  • Catalog
  • Content
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New Contributor

We believe Magento should embrace this suggestion and enhance the entire image gallery functionality. We would love to see an easy way to manage the image library, add and delete images, compress images, identify and consolidate any duplications, move images to different folders, and provide for the management of image alt tags as well. Right now we don’t seem to have any way to even add alt tags to category images, and of course that’s not ideal for SEO purposes these days.