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Empty product line when creating order in admin

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Empty product line when creating order in admin

It would be a great help if there was an option to add a blank (non-existing) product to an admin created order.



It takes some work to create an order for a new customer when the product is non existant in the catalog. Especially when you have that customer on the phone and want to get the order in quickly. After entering customer details you come to the conlusion you have to create a product first, losing all the customer details. Create the order again with the new product added, asking the customer for their details again.



Creating an order would work exactly as it does now but with an additional, single line form where you can add a (simple) product name, price and quantity.


If that blank product gets entered you can give the user the option to enter more product details in a pop-up (or slide-in) screen, or just leave it the product name and price only.
This blank product gets added to the catalog with Visibility: "Not visible individually" so you can edit it later.



Most CRM/ERP products have this option when working on orders.