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Enable reporting module to include Pending orders too

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Enable reporting module to include Pending orders too


Magento reporting module shows only orders which are not in the state Pending (New)


Reason for change request:

In majority of enterprise level ecoms, the period from changing the status from New to Processing is usually not instant. For example, in our system the order come to our ERP and Inventory management system, it gets consolidated, shipped to our pick by light system, processed, then packed, and finally sent out to our courier services. That moment sometimes happen after a 2 days (weekends/holidays etc), meaning that while order is created, and is finalized, will never be shown as Processing upto that moment rendering our internal reporting quite useless (it will show 0 sales basically)


Proposal for a change/feature

Allow the Magento reporting module (Reports->Sales->Orders) to include those orders as well (Pending/New) in the reports if the Status drop down is set to Any (which is a logical choice since Any usually means Any status anyway) or include Pending status in selection as well.