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Fix Display Problem with Special Pricing on Configurable Products

Fix Display Problem with Special Pricing on Configurable Products

Currently Special Prices on Configurable Products show only after a customer clicks on a color/size. Special pricing is not displayed on Grids or Product Pages until after options are chosen (strikethrough regular price next to new price). Only the regular price shows until after the options are chosen. Magento Support confirms that this is default behavior.

I would like for my site to function in this regard like all other M2 sites that have products on sale (sale price is shown on product grids and on product pages - without first choosing attributes). I literally can not find one M2 site that does not show sale prices on the grids or the product pages (before options are chosen).

M2 sites like Le Creuset demonstrate the logical behavior I'm describing: s


If this is functionality that all Magento 2 customers are having to pay developers to fix/customize, I would suggest that it is something that Magento should add to its core functionality.

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Are there any updates on this?

To further illustrate, here is a site that has many configurable products on sale: . As you can see, there is no way of knowing that the price you are seeing is a sale price. And there is no way of knowing what the original price was or the amount of the discount.


Here are M2 sites that function as Customers would expect regarding [configurable] items on Sale:


Can someone please help?