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Fix/escaping for widget layout update

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Fix/escaping for widget layout update

Feature request from dvynograd, posted on GitHub Aug 07, 2016

This PR is fixing the issue that happens due to crashes during merging xml layout updates for widgets.

STEP TO REPRODUCE Create a new widget. Specify the next settings: Type: CMS Page Link (Can be any widget which has user filling fields in widget the option section). Design Package/Theme: Magento LUMA Assign to Store Views: All store view. Layout Updates: Add Layout Update -> Display on -> All pages. Widget Options: Anchor Custom Text: “ Anchor Custom Title: “ Save a widget, clear the cache and open any page on the frontend.

E.R. See new link added to a page.

A.R. Exception is appeared (see 1133837156634.txt )

Note The issue is reproducible for any html character. This problem was fixed by adding CDATA in xml source.

But also there is a second case with special character see 1.xml.txt


That part of issue was fixed by changing filter to ENT_DISALLOWED in htmlspecialchars function.

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Comment from magento-cicd2, posted on GitHub Aug 07, 2016

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