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Issue with setting fields in payload for POST "/v1/invoices" api

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Issue with setting fields in payload for POST "/v1/invoices" api

Feature request from ruby10, posted on GitHub Jun 21, 2016

Hi there, I have an issue regarding setting fields in invoice create API POST "V1/invoices" with payload { "entity": { "base_discount_tax_compensation_amount": null, "base_shipping_discount_tax_compensation_amnt": null, "discount_tax_compensation_amount": null, "order_id": 58, "shipping_discount_tax_compensation_amount": 0, "total_qty": 2, "grand_total": 155, "subtotal": 150, "items": [ { "base_discount_tax_compensation_amount": null, "discount_tax_compensation_amount": null, "order_item_id": 74, "sku": null, "qty": 56, "row_total": 150, "tax_amount": 152, "discount_amount": 23, "price": 154 } ] } }

Here I am setting fields "grand_total", "subtotal" on body level and fields "qty", "row_total", "tax_amount", "discount_amount" inside items array. As a API user, I am expected to pass Magento API with orderId, Items object array with order_item_id and qty, shipping cost ( again validation where this cost should be less then order shipping cost ) , but if I just provide these fields , they are displayed as '0' in invoice created on admin panel

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Comment from karanbhomiagit, posted on GitHub Jun 21, 2016

I am facing the same issue. This is definitely a bug in the code.

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Comment from srinivasanithin, posted on GitHub Jun 21, 2016

Those fields should be picked up from the magento sales order rather than we giving it on API. There are serious issues leaving these fields to be given by API user. Once an order is capture for full order with incorrect amount(less than order amount) then there is no way to capture again without re-authorizing the card for customer. Please fix this bug. Magento should be pulling price from order and calculating the row total, grand total rather than api user giving those details