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Magento 2 LITE

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Magento 2 LITE

Migrated from M1.9 to M2, but just too much server power required and server config knowledge and interaction.

Had to switch to OpenCart, a huge mistake, but very little choice in the market place when using multilingual sites with excellent SEO capabilities.


I would love to see a Magento 2 LITE version available.


I hope to back and using Magento one day Smiley Sad

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Hello @Chinwag ,

The main reason for its Magento's performance is the excessive use of various customizations.

Magento is a large platform with lots of functionalities and tools.

Both Magento and OpenCart has designed for large online stores. OpenCart is a big platform, but it is not equipped with as many tools as the Magento. In every term, Magento is better than Opencart, but if you are a beginner, Opencart is right for you. Magento is also complicated to use.


 Such a level of flexibility comes at a price, M2 can be slow. Poor performance is the number one complaint from store owners and developers.

But there are options and very good resources that will help you with Magento 2 performance optimization:

1. Magento Modes - Magento 2 has modes, the default one the slowest.  always run your live store in production mode. 

2.Cache: Varnish is supported out of the box, pretty easy to configure and use.

3.Redis: Redis is an optional backend cache solution that is used in Magento 2 by default. It can be used for session storage and page caching.


5:Server and System Requirements

6.Optimize Javascript and CSS

7.Using lightweight themes

8.Bug-Free Extensions

9.PHP 7

Enable JS/CSS bundling

Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer

*Note the above menu item only shows up whilst in developer mode

Template Settings

  • Minify HTML = Yes

Javascript Settings

  • Merge JS files = Yes

  • Enable JS Bundling = Yes

  • Minify JS files = Yes

CSS Settings

  • Merge CSS = Yes
  • Minify CSS = Yes


Check the following useful links for Magento 2 performance optimization


with all this, the Magento can be better 

 and if you want multi-store exposure with amazing SEO capabilities, custom features, and a lot more that helps you stay on top of your game, then Magento is downright the better choice.


Thank You.






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@smita_kagwadethank you for your comment, and I appreciate and understand why M2 is the best OS CMS platform. One of the main shortcomings of M2 is the server configuration. Most developers of systems dont use PUTTY, SUDO etc which stops a proportion of ecommerce developers from using M2. I could manage M1.9, but just too much in M2.

M2's felxibility is legendary, but looking at M2 with an Object Orientated approach, OpenCart is far superior, as it's LITE but you can add the functionality. M2 Would be better if it could be installed with On/Off options. A majority of developers prefer a minimal installation and extend where and when required. As long as they can create products, get great SEO and collect emailed orders, this is generally the bottom-line functionality required.

In M1.9 I barely touched the surface with regards to in-built functionality. A Lite version would knock the competition for six and encourage users back to Magento and win over new users.


Good luck and stay safe.