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Magento2 Statistics

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Magento2 Statistics


I created a small module which is actually just a small idea, how magento could get some information for a marketing page.


It would work for Agency to track something but for magento2 own page it would be perfect.


The Idea is to collect some data (by Magento themeselve) and create a marketing page with that, to show statistics für Global, Country maybe State.


Maybe a small world map where magento shops are running and how many.

These are sensitive data so it should be collect only by magento.


Currently working on some more checkboxes to disable every kind of information by the Admin panel.


If your interested to create something like this or use it.

Your allowed to fork at or modify it like you want.


If you want to use mine, just give me a call or message and i will modify it for you.