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Meta Description now too short

Meta Description now too short

Feature request from DREC69, posted on GitHub Jan 04, 2018

An issue raised a while back, finally resolved in Sept '17 has now been made redundant.

The issue was meta descriptions allow 255 characters, and this should be truncated since search engines didn't allow so many.

As of Nov '17, Google will report meta descriptions over 300 characters.

So Magento's now cutting short this useful form of CTA for its clients.

Having had it reduced, can we see it enlarged?!

New Member

Comment from chickenland, posted on GitHub Jan 05, 2018

Looking at I'm guessing this would need to either remove the limit, or set it to around 350?

New Member

Comment from DREC69, posted on GitHub Jan 05, 2018

300 is the limit Moz and the likes are suggesting (it might be truncated beyond that). 255 is definitely restrictive in terms of effective copy, given others will have more for CTR rates.


I agree that this feature change would make our copy-writing more effective given more real estate


I'd vote to remove the character limit entirely. It doesn't need to be restricted at all IMO

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 Any updates regarding this feature?