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download link in email with configurable product

download link in email with configurable product

Feature request from clickdigitalinteractive, posted on GitHub Dec 26, 2017


  1. Any Mage 2.1x versions.
  2. Configurable product with child product being a downloadable product

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create configurable product with child product being a downloadable product.
  2. Place order.

Expected result

  1. (Download) link should show in the email.

Actual result

  1. Email confirmation will show name and sku but no download link like a straight downloadable product.
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Comment from magento-engcom-team, posted on GitHub Dec 27, 2017

@clickdigitalinteractive , thank for you report. Check this documentation A configurable product allows the shopper to choose options from drop-down, multiple select, visual swatch and text swatch input types. Each option is actually a separate, simple product. We add label feature request

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This is a critical missing feature for me. I need to send separate download links based on the options the customer selects. I hope this is added soon. 

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No solution yet?

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I also could really use this...

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For anyone who desperately needs this functionality, I've written a module that makes it possible:


The code needs more testing, and it isn't currently installable via composer. For now, I've provided this as a proof of concept only (but you should be able to copy it over to your Magento installation without too many issues.)


The testing I did do was done on Magento 2.2.6.